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Darkhouse Entertainment's Blood Feast

Murder Mansion – “BLOOD FEAST” is a Victorian tale of cannibalism for profit, a Gothic restaurant serving its patrons human flesh! But just where is this macabre eatery getting its main ingredient FROM?? Only the survivors of this grisly ordeal will be able to tell you for sure!

We plan to print 15000 copies and give them away at the restaurant after you have gone through the haunted house!

This is a new comic book that is in production by Charles D. Moisant. Joe Abboreno and the owner of Darkhouse Entertainment Michael-Colin Reed We plant to use this comic book to help promote DE's haunted at the Klas. 5734 W. Cermak Rd. Cicero, IL 60804  The Comic book is being penciled by Dan Dougherty and inked by Michael Reidy The book is a one shot written by newcomer Gabriella Bonamici and edited by Angela Goebel You can only get this book as a giveaway by going to and surviving the Fright Feast "Klas" haunted house in mid October and or as a prize.