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I have been Nominated for a Shel Dorf Award!

Just in case you have not heard yet, I have been nominated for a Shel Dorf Award for Best Blogger! I need your help in winning though, so if you could please go vote for me! And while you are at it make sure to vote for friends of what I do around here!

Founded in 2010, along with the inaugural Detroit Fanfare, the Shel Dorf awards are dedicated to recognizing the comic industries best and brightest talents. Like Shel, another Detroit native, the awards are most concerned with the fan perspective, giving the fans unprecedented say in the nomination and voting process.

The Shel Dorf awards proudly celebrate the best of our industry's present while honoring the unique place that Detroit has in comic fandom's past.

This years Nominees are:

Writer of the Year:
  Ed Brubaker
  Geoff Johns
  Mark Waid
  Robert Kirkman
  Scott Snyder

Penciler of the Year:
  Greg Capullo
  Ivan Reis
  J.H. Williams III
  Paolo Rivera
  Ryan Ottley
  Ryan Stegman

Inker of the Year:
  Bill Nichols
  Jonathan Glapion
  Scott Williams

Colorist of the Year:
  Brian Miller / Hi Fi Color
  Dave Stewart
  Jeff Balke
  Laura Allred
  Nei Ruffino

Editor of the Year:
  Axel Alonzo
  Chad Lambert
  Raven Gregory
  Shannon Eric Denton
  Sina Grace

Cover Artist of the Year:
  Alex Ross
  Bernie Wrightson
  David Aja
  Eric Basaldua
  Nei Ruffino

Letterer of the Year:
  Chris Eliopoulos
  Jaymes Reed
  Stan Sakai
  Tom Orzcechoski

Mini Series of the Year:
  Avengers Vs. X-Men
  Deadworld War Of The Dead
  Star Trek TNG / Doctor Who: Assimilation
  Legend of Oz: The Wicked West

Original Graphic Novel of the Year:
  Batman Earth One
  Harvey Pekar's Cleveland
  Jim Henson's Tales of Sand
  Underwater Welder

Web Comic of the Year:
  Axe Cop by Malachai Nicolle and Ethan Nicolle
  Battlepug by Nike Norton
  Beardo by Dan Dougherty
  Disappointing Monsters by Daniel Bradford & Owen Mackinder
  Gronk by Katie Cook
  Retail Sunshine by Phil Machi

Syndicated Print Strip of the Year:
  Funky Winkerbean

Comic To Multi-Media Adaption of the Year:
  The Avengers
  The Dark Knight Rises
  The Walking Dead, Season Two
  The Amazing Spider-Man

Comic Blogger of the Year:
  Rich Johnston Bleeding Cool News
  Heidi MacDonald The Beat
  Henry Barajas
  L. Vincent Poupard Yahoo
  Decapitated Dan
  Michael Hamersky On Comics

Continuing Series of the Year:
  Amazing Spider-Man
  The Walking Dead

Self Published Comic of the Year:
  Arsenic Lullaby by Douglas Paszkiewicz
  Bob Howard, Plumber of the Unknown by Rafael Nieves and Dan Doughterty
  Rachel Rising by Terry Moore
  Rainbow In The Dark by Comfort Love & Adam Withers
  Red Angel by Erin Pyne & Russ Leach

Kids' Comic of the Year:
  Adventure Time
  Amelia Rules
  Superman Family Adventures
  Tiny Titans