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Monsters & Metal Podcast is Coming!!!

Because you demanded it, Decapitated Dan is returning to podcasting in FULL FORCE!
Decapitated Dan is back mixing his 2 favorite things, Horror Comics and Heavy Metal! He has teamed up with some amazing people to bring you a new monthly show called MONSTERS & METAL! The show will be broken down into 10 minute segments separated with some of today's hardest hitting songs from around the globe! Look for the show to debut at the end of March!

Show Breakdown
Title: Monsters & Metal
Airs: Monthly
Duration: 90 - 120 minutes

The show breakdown is as follows (each segment will be 10 minutes long):

• Intro with Decapitated Dan & Dirk Manning
  (Horror comic news for the upcoming month)

• Song #1 - Dirk’s Choice

• Horror Comic Creator Interview #1

• Song #2 - Century Media Submission #1

• Dark Horse Comics Discussion
(A look at what is coming up horror comic wise, for Dark Horse Comics with PR Rep Aub Driver)

• Song #3 - Aub’s Choice

• Chatting with the Corpse Crew
(The Living Corpse Creators Buz Hasson and Ken Heaser sit down to discuss cult horror media)

• Song #4 - Living Corpse Crew Choice

• Horror Comic Creator Interview #2

• Song #5 - Century Media Submission #2

• Horror Comic History with the Horror of it All
(A look at some Horror Comic History with Karswell of the Horrors of it All)

• Song #6 - Classic Metal Song chosen by Karswell

• Possible 3rd interview OR Questions with Dirk Manning

 • Song #7 - Century Media Submission #3

• Ghastly Award Judge Monthly Recap
 (The Ghastly Awards Judges take a look back at the past month in Horror Comics)

• Song #8 - Decapitated Dan’s Choice - End of Show