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Horror Comic Roundup - 7/23/13

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan,  Billy Dunleavy and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #109 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: As Johann, Gervesh, Enos, and the rest of the band of agents heads into the heart of Chicago, they’re all pretty upset about the young boy, Lucas, running away to find his mother. As they enter the city, immediately a horde of these people that have been afflicted by the plague (or whatever it is) attack a bunch of homeless people, and the team puts them down. Next, they find the agencies facility but all but one man are dead. Howards is the man’s name, and the team doesn’t know how, but the “fog” that turned everyone into ravening beasts didn’t affect him. A huge battle erupts, Lucas returns, and Agent Howards proves that you don’t necessarily need a gun to put these beasts down!  Rating  5/5

Decapitated Dan: Oh this issue just took this series right up into my top 5, and I can not believe I am saying that. All I have really read was this 3 issue arc, but MAN WAS IT GOOD! Just like the past issues, the artwork is GORE-Geous, but it really is the story that had me hooked on this one. I loved the scene where the kid shows back up with his mom, talk about freaking creepy as hell. This was such a solid issue, that capped off a solid story arc, that makes this book solid in my opinion. Don’t be like me and miss out anymore on B.P.R.D., now is the time to get on board! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0
Blood Brothers #1 (Dark Horse)
Decapitated Dan: We all know that I love horror and comedy, and when the 2 can go hand in hand, I am one happy head. This issue though seemed to really border on the lines of both, with a mix of Double Dragon (yes the video game) mixed in. I thought the jokes were good, but not great, but I really did like the concept of the story here. It’s a fun buddy vamp book. The artwork is great, and it lends a hand to the humor for sure. A great intro issue, that I personally would have liked to laugh at more, but it was still highly entertaining. - Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Day Men #1 (BOOM!)
Decapitated Dan: Wow, I was not expecting this! Don’t get me wrong now, I was really looking forward to this title, but I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. I really love this concept, because when I think that these vampires would be around for centuries, they better be rich and running things. So enter the Day Men, humans who dedicate themselves to doing daily chores for the “mob like” families. I thought that the intro scene captured my interest and then it just took off. While I will lean this one more towards a Drama then a Horror book, it’s still going to be on my read list for a while. A fantastic start! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Demon Dog #1 (Derek Charm)
Denise Dutton: A comic that is written, drawn, colored and lettered by one dude?  And then self-published?  Hmm.  Or that’s what I thought at first.  Hey, this isn’t a spiffy spit-shined issue from the big names, this is a self-published digital domain joint.  And it’s not bad.  Plenty of action panels, and not too much with the talky-talk.  What is Demon Dog?  Why does he do what he does?  What’s the backstory for DD’s first outing, “Hellphone”?  Dunno.  But a hound from hell is always a good thing...unless you’re the Winchesters.  Charm has a knack for tongue-in-cheek, and considering this entire issue was completed in a week, I’ve gotta give him mad props. (3 out of 5)

Dinosaurs Attack #1 (IDW)
Billy Dunleavy: A scientist has figured how to use technology to open a window to the past. He decides ti’s a good idea to open a window to the age of dinosaurs...yep, that sounds pretty safe! The story (by Gary Gerani) and artwork (by Herb Trimpe) are a good combination to keep the book rolling along pretty well, although there were a couple of slow spots. The sinister force or multiple personality disorder that is plaguing Professor Elias Thorne is a unique angle that certainly sets the book apart from your standard action/sci-fi story. Legendary artist, Herb Trimpe, adds his realistic but slightly cartoony style to the book, and that’s a good match for this story, no doubt about it!  Rating 4/5

George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #1 (Avatar)
Denise Dutton: ZOMG -- it’s a direwolf on the cover!  A direwoooooolf y’all!  Oh wait.  Sorry.  Werewolves are the talk of this tale, and in this first, set-up issue, you get a picture of the small town where a old guy named Willie is trying to find out how a young woman he knew got herself murdered.   Things point to the creepy-but-rich family up on the hill (don’t they always?) but with Martin’s storytelling you know that there’ll be more to it than that.  Once this noir-ish werewolf tale gets going I’m sure it’ll be rip-roaring (*gigglesnort*) good.   Doubt me?  Check out the “Grizzly Cover Edition” of this issue.  (4 out of 5)

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon #1 (Dark Horse)
Denise Dutton: I saw this title and thought “well, I loved Sharknado.  Let’s party!”  Ron Chan gave me the best present a zombie lovin’ gal could ever get: a Saturday Night Fever zombie.  In full pose.  Thank you, Mr. Chan.  Anyway, PvZ is just what you think; a six-issue comic based on the game everybody and their grandma has on their smartphone.  Though it’s got zombies and it’s from Dark Horse, it’s got the definite feel of an all-ages comic (nobody is getting eaten, at least not yet) and the humorous vibe of tween faves like Archie and Teen Titans.  I’m looking forward to seeing how writer Paul Tobin incorporates the app’s  game play into the story.  Should be a fun, cute six issues.  Oh and thanks guys; now I’m totally freaking out about sasquatch ballerinas.  Dammit. (4 out of 5)

The Strain: The Fall #1 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: In this long awaited continuation from the phenomenal first series, we get the feeling that Ephraim and his friends are beginning to find out that the fight is futile. The city still seems to be overrun by vampires, the Master is still on the loose, and Palmer is also continuing to aid him and his confidant, Eichhorst. There is also something new in play though, an ancient book, that will seemingly turn the tide of this war in favor of whoever possess it, and both sides are willing to do whatever it takes to get it! This was an excellent continuation of a story that was extremely successful in its first volume. The sky is the limit for this book!  Between the gritty story and the incredible artwork, you really get a sense that this series is going to win some awards. And that will be rightly deserved. Rating 5/5

Decapitated Dan:  Oh The Strain, how I missed you. In the time we have been apart, comics have come and gone, but none were able to replace you. Lapham and Huddleston are back and it was almost like there was no down time in between. The artwork is SICK, and every page has my eyes craving more. I love the look of these vampires, and I want one for a pet. The story does a nice job of catching the reader up on what happened last, but also just dives right into where things left off. This is one horrific thrill ride, that I never want to get off of. Plain and simple, read this book! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Denise Dutton: Woohoo -- it’s finally here!  I loved del Toro’s Strain Trilogy, and Dark Horse’s graphic version has been fantastic.  So I clapped my hands with glee when I saw that the second novel -- The Fall, naturally -- is finally here in all it’s glorious comic-book-ness.  Does it keep with the amazing art and high-quality adaptation?  Hellz yeah.  The Fall picks up where The Strain left off; the search for the Occido Lumen, a book fabled to hold the key to ending the vampire plague.  David Lapham (whose work on Crossed: Family Values was some seriously twisted fun) cuts to the chase, but doesn’t let characterization slide.  And Mike Huddleston’s work on The Master makes it one badass strigoi.  (Note: fans of The Exorcist should look for a cameo by Pazuzu early in this issue.) So glad this series is back in action!  (4.5 out of 5)

Superior Carnage #1 (Marvel)
Decapitated Dan: Holy CRAP! I think Marvel just filled their death quota for the year, so expect some light reading on all those other titles people. Wow this book looked amazing, it read so well, and then I got to page 12. On page 12 we see that someone is controlling Carnage, and while the book is still a good read, it’s not as great as I was hoping it would be after that start. I really can not wait to see what happens next though, because the ending has me hooked to come back for more. So far now, good start, I just wish the superhero/villain aspect would have been left out for now.  - Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Undead Evil #1 (Asylum Press - Digital)
Decapitated Dan: Ok, lets all be serious for a second... lean in a little bit close to the screen, closer... CLOSER! Okay now that I have you THIS CLOSE... GO READ THIS BOOK!!!!! I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to read this issue since 2008, yes that is correct, 2008! Just to begin let me tell you about the art.... oh my lord is it GORE-Geous. Every single page by Gucunja supplied me with an eyegasm. The story is on the same level as the artwork. Forte delivers a longer tale then you might expect from a comic this size. It took me about 30 minutes to finish the issue, there is a lot of story, but it’s damn good story. I guess it doesn’t help if I tell you that I am a big fan of Voodoo stories, because this book was just catered to me from the start. However, I think it caters to all horror fans everywhere, because this is the stuff we need. This is what horror comics are all about. - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0