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Deadworld: Restoration Coming in December from IDW

*"The new Deadworld mini-series, Restoration, will be coming from IDW in December which means it will be in the October Diamond Previews for ordering.  IDW will also be releasing variant covers for it.
The art is from Sami Makkonen who did the last series, War of the Dead, and Slaughterhouse prior to that.
This story picks up from War of the Dead but I did try again to make it reader friendly.  Like War of the Dead, I don't know how well I succeeded.  Obviously, you want new people to be able to step into the storyline but when you have a history of some 100 issues, it's not easy to bring everyone up to speed without sacrificing a lot of the current storyline.  And with Deadworld, there has been some dramatic changes...but while I'll agree a newbie might have some questions, I think they can step right in and enjoy the story.
I'm not going to say too much what it's about but the title of Restoration is a clue...but it may not be exactly what some people think.  Some things will be restored but of course, others won't. 
But here's some preview pages and I'll be putting up some more information soon about it."

*Taken from Gary Reed's Blog