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Heavy Metal News - 9/28/13


BOMBUS present The Making of their Handcrafted Album Cover for THE POET AND THE PARROT     


BOMBUS, the bastard of everything heavy from Gothenburg/Sweden, not only put a lot of blood, sweat and beers in the recording of their Century Media Records debut THE POET AND THE PARROT, but also in creating the artwork. This isn't just another Photoshop crime. This is handcrafted original art done by former bass player Ulf Lundèn. Ulf documented the clay making process with a time lapse video which can been seen now on the NEW NOISE MAGAZINE website!

Check out the Making Of the cover here:

Also, if you missed the band's two music videos (also created by Ulf), check them out: 


PARADISE LOST announces limited 10" for new compilation, 'Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)'
From the harrowing doom of their 1990 debut Lost Paradise, to 1991's genre-defining Gothic, to 1995's break-out masterpiece Draconian Times, to 1997's electronically-tinged One Second, to 2007's return to a heavier form In Requiem, to last year's opus Tragic Idol, PARADISE LOST has continued to evolve since their inception in 1988, inspiring countless artists throughout the years. To celebrate their influence on the scene, a special compilation will be released this fall to commemorate the band's 25th anniversary landmark.

Entitled Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities), this album will be released on October 21st in Europe (digitally on November 5th in North America) and features artwork by Parisian designer Valnoir (, who has worked with artists such as ORPHANED LAND, MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN, and more than 150 others. All tracks found on the compilation are previously released rarities-- except the new track "Loneliness Remains," and newly recorded "Gothic 2013" and "Our Saviour 2013." These three tracks will also appear on a mint green 10" (USA exclusive color; limited to 300 copies) that includes a CD booklet and CD insert.

To pre-order your copy of this limited PARADISE LOST 10", please visit CM Distro:


GRAVE releases new EP, 'Morbid Ascent,' today in North America
Death metal legends GRAVE have released a new 5-track EP, Morbid Ascent, today in North America! To purchase Morbid Ascent, please visit CM Distro for the EP on black and mustard yellow vinyl (USA exclusive color; limited to 200 copies) or iTunes for a digital copy.

Morbid Ascent track-listing
Side 1:
1. Venial Sin
2. Morbid Ascent
Side 2:
1. Possessed (originally by SATYRICON)
2. Epos (Risen From The Tomb - Remix)
3. Reality Of Life

For a preview of Morbid Ascent, be sure to check out the album track "Venial Sin" (featuring some shrieking guest solos by AUTOPSY's Eric Cutler).

Morbid Ascent's cover artwork, interior artwork, and layout were done once again by Costin Chioreanu (, who previously worked on GRAVE's past three albums, as well as artwork for numerous other artists (DARKTHRONE, DESTROYER 666, ULVER, etc.). This EP marks the follow-up to 2012's Endless Procession Of Souls, which was named one of the best metal albums of the year by Decibel Magazine,,, among countless others.

Read on for a few reviews of the critically acclaimed Morbid Ascent:

"It's quite remarkable that GRAVE have been releasing music for twenty some odd years and still manage to keep things so visceral, brutal and, pardon the pun, grave." -- METAL

"...'Morbid Ascent' is a gore-ridden slab of pure death metal that will rip your skull open and spill your gray matter all over the floor." -- METAL

"GRAVE may as well be eternal at this point. 29 years into a career playing Swedish fucking death metal, they're either undead or just unkillable, showing no signs of diminishing in terms of power or perseverance." --


WARBRINGER launch first song off new album
IV: Empires Collapse via Decibel

September 17, 2013 

Following up on a successful appearance at Iron Maiden's "The Battle Of San Bernardino" event last weekend and in the light of the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, IV: Empires Collapse, on October 29 via Century Medias Records, Los Angeles based WARBRINGER are now debuting the first song from the album, "Hunter- Seeker."

Check out "Hunter-Seeker" debut on Decibel Magazine's website:

WARBRINGER had this to say about the the track: "Hunter-Seeker was the last song completed for the album, yet we feel is one of the strongest tracks to be presented to our fans as the first single. The music was composed and arranged by Carlos Cruz, and the lyrics were a collaboration between John Kevill and Cruz. Kevill had the title in mind before the lyrics were written, though the idea was to write about the instilled sense of fear and paranoia within humans with the recent leak in the mainstream media of the NSA's operations of our surveillance. Since 2007, Operation PRISM has been in effect; without consent of the people, and those in compliance have been all major internet providers and social media networks who have allowed the NSA to collect everything a user does on the world-wide web. When structured into lyrics, the subject gelled well with the songs dynamic of relentless, yet bleak music."