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Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Rachel Deering

I recently had a chance to talk to Rachel Deering about her Kickstarter for the Horror Anthology In the Dark and more. Check it out:

Decapitated Dan: Hey Rachel, thanks for taking time to talk with me about In The Dark. First of all lets talk about you. Who are you and what do you do?

Rachel Deering: I am a freelance writer, editor, and letterer, a huge horror fan, and a metal head. I have worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, Valiant, IDW, First Comics, and tons of indie and self published projects.

DD: How did get into comics?

RD: When I was eight years old, my weird uncle gave me a ragged old stack of comics like Creepy, Eerie, and Savage Sword of Conan. Those musty magazines pretty much sealed the deal for me.

DD: What was it that lead you to want to work in comics?

RD:  It sort of happened by accident, really. I was playing in a heavy metal band, and I had commissioned some album artwork from a comic book artist. I developed a friendship with that artist, based upon our mutual love of old horror comics, and when my band eventually fizzled, the artist asked me if I wanted to make some horror comics with him. The rest is pretty much history.

DD: Before we even get into talking about In the Dark, where can people find the Kickstarter Page?

RD:  Right over yonder:

DD: So what can you tell me about In The Dark. What’s it all about?

RD: It’s basically my attempt at the “ultimate” horror anthology. Over 20 original horror comic stories, an introduction by Scott Snyder, and a comprehensive history of horror comics! 250 pages of content in an oversized, hardbound, full color book. What else could you ask for?

DD: Where did this idea come from?

RD: I’d been wanting to put together a great horror anthology for the longest time, so when some other creators were joking with me on twitter one day, telling me I needed to put together a book so they could have a reason to write and draw something, I took the challenge and ran with it.

DD: Do you find it difficult try and bring all of these creators together?

RD: Not at all. Nearly every creator on the book is a personal friend of mine, so when I came to them with the idea, they were excited to be a part of it. The other creators who weren’t friends of mine were friends of friends and came by way of personal recommendations. Super simple.

DD: Did you mix the creative teams, or did you let them come to you?

RD: Some writers already had artists in mind they wanted to work with, some writers chose artists from a list I put together, and some writers let me choose an artist for them.

DD: Did you try and give the creators a central theme to work with (monsters, aliens, serial Killers, etc.) or will this book encompass many different genres of horror?

RD: No theme. I wanted each creative team to have free reign over their story. This book will have everything from creature features and body horror to psychological dramas and gritty noir tales. All kinds of horror!

DD: What are you hoping readers can take away from this Anthology?

RD:  On the entertainment level, I hope they just enjoy the amazing storytelling and artwork. On a more personal level, I hope that people realize they can do something like this if they want. They can put together their own dream book and get it out there into the hands of readers.

DD: Obviously pending that the books does get funded (and I think we both know it will) do you see more volumes coming out in the future?

RD:  If I bring in enough funds to produce this volume, pay the creators a respectable page rate, and still have some left over, I will definitely put it toward a second volume.

DD: I’ll put you on the spot here, other then a story you might have worked out, which if your personal favorite in the book?

RD: I love Paul Tobin’s story! It’s the first time a ghost story has ever seriously scared the crap outta me. I can’t wait for other people to read it.

DD: What is the most horrific that happened to you while working on this book?

RD: Pushing deadlines, haha. When you work with this many creatives who have busy careers and a billion other projects going, it can be an absolute nightmare to get all the stories on schedule. I’m managing, though.

DD: Were you into any horror titles growing up that lead you to want to work on this title?

RD: Absolutely. Warren and Skywald magazines were my bread and butter growing up. If In The Dark is anything, it’s a total homage to those classic horror magazines from my youth.

DD: So where can readers find out more about this book?

RD: The kickstarter has just about all the information you could hope to find. I’d suggest heading over there and checking it out first. If they still have questions, they can feel free to contact me through the kickstarter, or on twitter @racheldeering.

DD: So in summary give me a quick recap on In The Dark and why fans should back this project.

RD: The best MF’n horror anthology you’ll ever read with the greatest and most passionate creators on the planet. That’s all you need to know.

DD: Thanks so much for your time Rachel.

RD: You bet! It was a pleasure.