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Horror Comic Roundup - 12/10/13

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan,  Billy Dunleavy and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!

Absolution: Happy Kitty #1 (Avatar Press)
Decapitated Dan: Ok, first of all, if all Absolution titles are this good I have really been missing out. This issue gives the back story to the Happy Kitty character, and it is a non-stop ass kicking thrill ride. I had no idea what to expect here, but since it was a #1, I decided to give it a try and man, am I glad I did. Gage does a great job on the story and pacing. He really makes this character interesting, and I think a series is totally needed just for her. The pacing is fantastic, and the way he builds her up, and still leaves room for some mystery is fantastic. The artwork by Paul Duffield is spot on page after page. I loved how this took place in Japan, and totally had that anime/cartoon vibe, in terms of the designs and the colors. This is a beyond fantastic issue that has me hooked. I can not wait to start reading more on this character and more on Absolution. - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Afterlife With Archie #2 (Archie)
Decapitated Dan: I have to admit that I had no hopes for this book at all. I know I was close minded, but come on, it’s Archie right? It should be too light hearted and cute that it can’t be good... WRONG! This book has blown away any expectations of what I thought it would be. It’s possibly one the best Horror Comics to come out in 2013. The story just grabs me, and really does not let go. It’s intense, and scary, and honestly it’s opening me up to want to know more about the Archie’verse. It has this way of making you feel like no one is safe, and you have no idea what will come next. The artwork is just drop dead GORE-Geous too. If you want to talk about a flawless comic, this has to be it. You need to be reading this, no matter what genre of comics you are into, YOU NEED TO BE READING THIS! - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Black Science #1 (Image)
Billy Dunleavy: Not knowing what to expect, you will certainly be surprised at the incredible visuals from Matteo Scalera & Dean White. This sci-fi story throws you right into the action, and it doesn’t let up until you are about to drown in it! Human beings on an alien planet benig chased by some kind of lizard-like life form, and an immediate death scene, greet you in the firs t few pages. Now, I will say this one thing right away. With Saga being the big hit it is, and a part of the sci-fi genre, you can draw some comparisons between that book and this one. But, this book is definitely its own thing, for sure. And no offense to Fiona Staples, but this artwork is light years ahead of what I’ve seen in that title (only 2-3 issues). The dark, creepy scenes in this book harken back to days of the 1950’s when this genre was skyrocketing due to the nuclear/atomic age beginning. Do yourself a favor, and grab this issue!  Rating 4/5

Deadworld: Restoration #1 (IDW)
Decapitated Dan: It’s party time people, Deadworld is back! As if you did not know, I am a total Dead Head, and I LOVE this series. When a new issue comes along, it’s like Christmas, Halloween and my birthday all wrapped up in one. Gary Reed does an amazing job on the writing, but of course that is to be expected. What I though was genius about this particular issue was how he re-introduced the cast, with their back story, and at the same time was able to move forward to setup this new chapter. The art by Sami Makkonen is GORE-Geous. His style is so perfect for this series, as it really depicts the dark and dirty world this cast lives in. I think that with the way that this team handled this issue it is safe for new comers to jump on. Hell this issue even recreated one of my all time favorite Deadworld scenes, and it looked so damn good yet again. Plain and simple, you need to read Deadworld, old and new, because it is at the top of my list of Horror Comic Must Read Titles. - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Hellboy in Hell #5 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: Its been quite a long time since the last issue of this series hit the shelves, and honestly, its probably lost all the steam it had with any new readers. That being said, as a heavy reader of the Mignolaverse, I felt that this issue was fantastic. It was basically a one-shot story that focused on Hellboy and a gentleman that he meets in hell. The man is looking for a cemetery, and asks Hellboy for help. The two go on a journey that includes the former military captain running into a couple of his old soldier friends. And a confrontation with an age old demon. In the end, Hellboy must try to help save the soul of this former soldier from eternal damnation. A story that is heavy and lighthearted at the same time. Kudos to Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart, Clem Robins, and Scott Allie!  Rating 4/5

The Mocking Dead #4 (Dynamite)
Decapitated Dan: How much better can this series get? Seriously, it’s funny and horror-filled, that every issue is a home run. The best way to describe this is by just saying it is a B-Movie about a B-Movie. The concept is pure gold, and it plays out that way with every issue. The writing by Van Lente never lets up. It’s always presented on a great pace, with some very exceptional dialogue. The artwork by Dunbar is fantastic page after page. This book is just perfectly done from start to finish that I could not ask for more. - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Rachel Rising #21 (Abstract Studios)
Decapitated Dan: I don’t recall... did I say that this was the Best Ongoing Comic in print today, or did I say that this the by FAR the Best Ongoing Comic in print today? Either way, this is the BEST ONGOING COMIC in print today. Terry Moore is a comic genius. He presents every GORE-Geous issue of Rachel Rising so well. I love how it always picks up where the last cliffhanger left off. Things progress perfectly, and then BAM! you get hit with another amazing cliff hanger! There is not a single member of this cast who I do not love and care for. The things they are going through and the answers they are looking for, it all just keeps getting deeper and deeper. The artwork is always above and beyond what I could ask for. I wish this book came out weekly because I just can not get enough! P.S. THIS IS THE BEST ONGOING COMIC IN PRINT TODAY! - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Rover Red Charlie #1 (Avatar Press)
Decapitated Dan: Won’t someone think of the puppies! Garth Ennis will, and by god did he deliver a winner with this first issue. What I loved about his writing on this one was that he did not take the “dog” out of the dogs. They are simple minded, yet smart. They do what dogs do, and it lends to the overall story, and humor. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect with this one, it kind of played out like Homeward Bound meets Crossed. Now that being said, I want to make sure that you know I don’t mean the people are acting like they do in Crossed, just that all the humans are going insane. I am sure things will all come together in upcoming issues to explain some of the mysteries, but in this issue it all just adds on to the fun of reading this. The artwork by Dipascale is fantastic page after page. This issue got this series off to a great start, and I can not wait for more! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Stitched #17 (Avatar Press)
Decapitated Dan: It’s funny how many Horror titles are just killing it right now. For me Stitched is easily sitting in the top 5 of at the moment. This series has been a winner month after month, and it is not letting up. Wolfer is delivering one hell of a tale, that just keeps getting creepier as it plays out. I love that ghost is involved in this (I won’t say how), because it adds an extra element to the “monster” like Stitched. The artwork by Heinz in this issue is jaw dropping, and it shows so well on the final page. I love his style and how it plays into the Japanese style based on the setting. It really comes off visually as a cartoon. I have to just keep praising this book, because it is consistently solid month after month. So damn good. . . so damn good! - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

The Strain: The Fall #5 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: After much consideration, this series has my nod for book of the year. Yes, sometimes it is chocked full of foul language, and is very graphic/violent, but the story and artwork is nothing short of brilliant. The war being waged between the few survivors, and the hordes of vampires is incredible. Definitely a zombie apocalypse feel, but much, much worse. A new angle has also emerged. A space station that was supposed to have astronauts coming back gets grounded and told they can’t come back due to the “virus”. One of the scientists aboard tells the people on the ground that she had a dream, ot premonition about this very thing happening. The last page that shows this visually is absolutely incredible. Lapham, Huddleston, and Jackson are on point!  Rating 5/5