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Terror Tweets - 2/11/14

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Welcome to Terror Tweets! Join Decapitated Dan & Billy Dunleavy each week as they review new and old Horror Comics, using only 140 Character or Less!

Bad Blood #2 (Dark Horse)
@BiLLYd_licious: A great team of creators on this one! Definitely worth checking out! 3/5
@DecapitatedDan: A long issue, I’m still on the fence with it. I love the art, but it seems to drag at times. Good ending though, so I’ll be back. 3/5

Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #2 (Dark Horse)
@BiLLYd_licious: An underrated book that deserves more love! Great ending but I want more soon! 5/5

Deadworld Restoration #3 (IDW)
@BiLLYd_licious: This superior book should be getting all the love that the Walking Dead gets! TRUTH! 4/5
@DecapitatedDan: I love that this series is catering to old fans, as well as new. Another fantastic issue, and it’s so great to see some old faces. Deadworld is such an amazing series. 5/5

Five Ghosts #9 (Image)
@BiLLYd_licious: The transition in artwork mid-story was an excellent touch! Kudos to this creative team! 4/5

God is Dead #6 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan:  Solid issue. I loved the way this one played out. I wish it would have been longer though, and played out more, but still great. 4.5/5

Haunted Horror #9 (IDW)
@BiLLYd_licious: I’m diggin’ these old school horror reprints! Great anthology book from some cool peeps! 4/5
@DecapitatedDan: Another devilishly delightful collection of terrifying tales.I loved Return of the Ghoul. Haunted Horror is just what the Witch Doctor ordered. 4.5/5

John Carpenter’s Asylum #4 (Storm King)
@DecapitatedDan: GORE-Geous! Manco and Jones are a perfect match to tell this tale. I love this comic so much. I just wish it came out more often! 4.5/5

Rover Red Charlie #3 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: This book just entered my top ten current comic list. It’s soooo good. I expect by #5 it’s in my top 5 list. I can not wait for more. 5/5

Uber Siegliende #1/2 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: A fantastic back story on Siegliende. I think I know where this will be leading, and I can’t wait. Love the art of Andrade, and I love Uber! 4.5/5

X-Men Apocalypse vs Dracula TPB (Marvel 2006)
@BiLLYd_licious: Solid trade that explores the immortals Apocalypse and Dracula waging war! 4/5