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Terror Tweets - 2/18/14

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Welcome to Terror Tweets! Join Decapitated Dan & Billy Dunleavy each week as they review new and old Horror Comics, using only 140 Character or Less!

Abe Sapien #10 (Dark Horse)
@BiLLYd_licious: this creative team is killing it! Mignola, Allie, Fiumara, Stewart. Zombies are here! 4/5

The Bunker (Oni)
@BiLLYd_licious: Interesting premise and kind of cool, but not for me. Fialkov definitely has a screw loose. 3/5

City: The Mind on the Machine #1 (IDW/Darby Pop)
@DecapitatedDan: Freaking fantastic start. Love this concept, and the visuals are amazing. Futuristic Sci-Fi story done right. 4.5/5

Coffin Hill #5 (Vertigo)
@BiLLYd_licious: This series is way to up and down. More down than up, so I’m jumping ship for now. Boring! 3/5
@DecapitatedDan: The more the mystery builds, the better this comic gets. Love the art and story. Still early to jump on board in case you have been missing out. 4.5/5

Creepy #15 (Dark Horse)
@BiLLYd_licious: Definitely check this title out! Some really solid creators on this one! Moench, Norton, etc. 4/5

Crossed: Badlands #47 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: How sick can some people be? Love this arc by Daniel Way, showing off how power and hopelessness can lead to some horrendous thinking. 4.5/5

Rachel Rising #23 (Abstract Studios)
@DecapitatedDan: Why does it feel like things are ending? They better not be, or I’ll cause all kinds of hell! The ending in this issue left me breathless. There is nothing better then R.R. 5/5

Stitched #19 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan: The end? Bull$^*~! You don’t end a series that is this good. This issue is GORE-Geous, in both art and story. A perfect creative team. #NeedMoreStitched 5/5

Strange Tales vol. 1 HC (Marvel, 2007)
@BiLLYd_licious: This awesome hardcover has some of the all time greats! Colan, Romita, Heath. 5/5

The Sixth Gun #38 (Oni Press)
@DecapitatedDan: FANTASTIC ISSUE!!! Of course a few were lost, but man is this arc building to something big! Simply put, this is one of the best comics in print. 4.5/5