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Terror Tweets - 2/4/2014

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Welcome to Terror Tweets! Join Decapitated Dan & Billy Dunleavy each week as they review new and old Horror Comics, using only 140 Character or Less!

Black Science #3 (Image)
@BiLLYd_licious: More sci-fi than horror, yes, but still some creepy stuff going on plus gore! worth a read. 3.5/5

Blade: Black & White (Marvel-Tpb, 2004)
@BiLLYd_licious: Great collection of Blade from Vampire Tales/Marvel Preview from the 1970s! 4.5/5

Crossed Badlands #46 (Avatar Press)
@decapitateddan: The crossed take to the high seas! Fun action packed issue, the build was leading to this one! Great read as always! 4.5/5

Escape From the Dead #1 (GH Comics)
@decapitateddan: Good first issue, but short. It got the point across and got me excited for what’s to come. I’ll be looking forward to what’s next. 3.5/5

Ghostbusters #12 (IDW)
@decapitateddan: Even though I didn’t read the other issues in this arc, I still highly enjoyed this issue. What a great series this is, always a fantastic story and art! 4/5

God is Dead #5 (Avatar Press)
@decapitateddan: And only one remained! I really like this book so far, and with this ending, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! 4.5/5

Macabre #1 (Antarctic Press)
@decapitateddan: Richard Moore crafted some hilariously frightening tales here. This is a fantastic read! And the visual are really to die for! 4.5/5

Night of the Living Deadpool #2 (Marvel)
@BiLLYd_licious: another hilarious issue! Any zombie or humor fan should be reading this! 4/5
@decapitateddan: Great issue! Love where this one went, and I am just loving this mini series!!! I can’t wait for issue #3. 4.5/5

The Final Plague #4 (Action Lab)
@BiLLYd_licious: infected ravenous zombie type animals on the loose terrorizing/killing people. Win. 4/5

The Jester’s Curse #1 (Spaceboy Comics)
@decapitateddan:: F!*#ING GORE-Geous!!!!! Armstrong and Bramble brought the house down!! Such a great read, so brilliant to look at. I love In Flames, and Now in comic form! 5/5

The Last Zombie: The End #5 (Antarctic Press)
@decapitateddan: BRAVO to everyone involved with this series! Solid reading and viewing form start to finish! This has to be one of my all time favorite comic series! 5/5

The Other Dead #5 (IDW)
@decapitateddan: I just saw a zombie bear decapitate someone, so GORE-Geous! Great action, great issue. Looking forward to seeing how it all ends! 4/5

Wild Work #1 (Antarctic Press)
@decapitateddan: What a FANG-Tastic start! The art is beautiful and the story has me hooked! I need more...RIGHT NOW!!! 4.5/5

Zombie Commandos From Hell: Ultragore pt. 1(Raisinlove)
@decapitateddan: Such a nostalgic feel! It was like being a kid in the early 90s again. A great read, with some fantastic visuals! I can not wait to read more! 4.5/5

Zombillenium #1 (NBM)
@decapitateddan: Awesome monster art and horror/comedy writing. This is proof why we need more books translated to English. Loved it! 5/5