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Beware... 5 Comics to be on the lookout for in May 2014!

Every month close to over 500 new Comic Books come out! That's a ton of new stuff for you to spend your money on, and lets face it, we're not all rich. So I've decided to make it a little easier on you and suggest 5 comics that you should spend your money on this month, as they all get the Decapitated Dan Rotting Thumbs Up. Let's take a look.

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #1 (BOOM!)
Why you should look out for it: I will admit that it has been a while since I have seen the movie, and read the original comic series that came out from Epic/Marvel. What I am trying to get at is that even though it has been a while, I am really looking forward to the return of this series. If you are new to this title though, this seems like a very safe jumping on point as it says you will get a great introduction to the cast in the first few issues. Look it’s simple, if it has got Clive Barker’s name in the title, and Monsters are involved, it’s just Win/Win. For all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this book.

Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1 (Dynamite)
Why you should look out for it:  I’m not an expert on Doctor Spektor, however I have read some of the classic reprints that Dark Horse put out, and I really enjoyed them. Now keeping in mind that those stories were from the 70’s I can only think that what is coming this month will be even better. The character himself felt like a mix of Constantine, Dylan Dog and Dr. Strange when I read those older stories. I think Mark Waid is the right man for the job, and will be able to bring Dr. Spektor to today’s readers with a fresh new start. For all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this book.

Nailbiter #1 (Image)
Why you should look out for it:  Serial Killer tales are on the rise on TV, just look at shows like The Bridge, The Following, Dexter (yeah I know it’s over), etc. and I love them all. So it’s about time we saw some more popping up in comic form. Now add to that the fact that Joshua Williamson (Ghosted, Xenoholics) is writing this, and it already spells Winner to me. I really like this concept too, a town that has spawned 16 of the worst serial killers in the world, sounds like some brain candy to me. For all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this book.

Rover Red Charlie #6 (Avatar)
Why you should look out for it:  Why shouldn’t you look out for it is more like it. This book has been solid since the start, and it tells a great tale of dogs surviving the human apocalypse. I’m actually really sad to see that this is the end of the tale though, because I was always looking forward to the next issue. It’s not your typical comic, but it’s a damn good one. Basically just ask yourself, what would happen to the animals if humans went bat shit crazy and they had to fend for themselves. For all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this book.

Weird Love #1 (IDW)
Why you should look out for it:  A romance book? Really Dan, are you losing too much blood from your dripping head? No, no I am not. Love tales can be some of the scariest things out there. You have a lover who was done wrong, and BAM!, you got one crazy ass psycho on your trail. Just look at the cover to this first issue, and you have to be sold. Sure it’s not going to always be tales like that, hell it might never be a tale like that, but when you have the Ghastly Award winning Yoe Books team working on something, you know you are going to be treated to some of the  best reprints in the history of the comic book ever. For all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this book.