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Horror Comic Roundup - May 2014

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan at the end of each month as he reviews new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!

Afterlife with Archie #5 (Archie Comics)
Seriously, can this series get any better? I think not. Every issue that comes out is just as strong, if not stronger then the one before it. Aguirre-Sacasa has taken characters that I did not care about before, and made me actually want to know more about them. Now that being said, do I want to know more about them outside of the horror comic they are in, no, but I want to know more about them in this universe. This issue introduced me to the butler, and now I want to follow him around 24-7. The writing is so top notch. The artwork by Francavilla is just drop dead GORE-Geous. It can never let me down. With only 5 issue in the bags and boards, this is one you can still jump on and not be lost. This issue finished up the first arc, and I’m telling you, it will only get better from here.
Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Caliban #2 (Avatar Press)
Dear Avatar Press, Mr. Ennis and Mr. Percio
I am writing to you today because I want to request that you stop teasing me with single issues and just give me the whole Caliban story already. This book is too damn good, and yes I know you are only 2 issues in, for me to have to sit and wait so impatiently. The other day I was actually thinking about going to punching birds in the face because I couldn’t wait any longer for #3 to come out. The story you are crafting is so f@&^ing terrifying, that any day I go without being scared by it is a day I don’t want to live. So please, please listen to my words and make this GORE-Geous masterpiece of a comic come out faster, because I need it. I NEED MORE CALIBAN!
Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Crossed 2014 Annual (Avatar Press)
Crossed is so strong right now, and it’s taking over all things Horror Survival. Spurrier and Ortiz have come together to craft one hell of a classic tale with this 2014 Annual. I loved the break down on the cast, and how it was presented through back stories that are presented as these small prose pages. Then how it all comes into play at the end, with how a boy makes the stories work to fit into his world. I was cheering for him, cheering for granny and just loving every minute of this issue. It’s a great looking stand alone tale, that could just be your jumping on point if you have been missing out on what is going on in the world of the Crossed.
Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Devil Dealers (Markosia)
What happens if you wager with the Devil and win? Ross May dives right into that question and delivers a fantastic story of action and suspense. Even though the Devil is involved, it’s not heavy on horror, but that did not stop me from enjoying this one. I loved how the cast worked with and against each other, as the devil used his tricks of deception. And as expected good does triumph over evil. This was a great read from start to finish that was accompanied by some fantastic artwork.
Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

End Times #4 (Horrorgeddon Comics)
Another great mix of terrifying tales depicted as sequential and prose work. What I love most about End Times is that they do a great job of giving you your money’s worth. The mixing of comics, and stories with illustrations really helps to separate this book from the rest. Things start off creepy right out of the gate with a tale on hoarding and they do to let up from there. Solid from start to finish.
Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Escape from Jesus Island #2 (Wisdumb Productions)
What would happen if they tried to clone Jesus? Well we get to find out in Horror-endous fashion with this series. The artwork is GORE-Geous and disturbing on every page. The story is as interesting as it is devilishly clever. The concept is not as straightforward as making a clone, and the creative team shows off their knowledge with smart writing. This issue builds well on where #1 left off, and things are only starting to heat up. With a solid look, and great story telling, this is a book to add to your collection now.
Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Man Bites Man OGN (Patrick Pena)
Talk about making me hungry, I sure could go for some steak right about now. Pena and Jilani have crafted a fantastic take on the survival genre. I will admit that before reading this book I didn’t love the photo-real art style, but it was done so well here and worked perfectly with the story. I also like how when you remove the external monster elements of zombies, you can create the internal monster of good and bad within a group. Of course being trapped in a basement is fun for no one, but this team makes it work. The struggles they face within themselves and each other really creates a suspenseful tale. So move on over Donner Party cause Ben and Barb are here to stay.
Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Nailbiter #1 (Image Comics)
Hmm, now this is interesting as hell. Imagine a small town where 16 of the most notorious serial killers were born and raised. That is where this delightful tale takes place, and it’s solid as hell right out of the gate. I LOVE this concept, and this issue did nothing more then pull me head first into this world. The pacing is great, and the visuals are just down right creepy. I like the concept of the main killer, because it’s just so off the wall about the nail biting in general. It adds to his out of reality state of mind. Moving forward on this one, I know it will only get better and better. It looks like Williamson has another home run on his hands.
Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Rachel Rising #25 (Abstract Studios)
Ever listen to the Offspring Album “Smash”? You know the intro track where the narrator says “Ahhhhh, it’s time to relax”, that is what I was thinking when I read this issue of RR. The big fight is over (or is it) and this issue regroups the cast, for some needed downtime, and man do they need it. I loved how this issue calmed the waters and brought everything together before it goes and messes it all up again. Terry Moore delivers issue after issue, and while I know I praise this book all the time (I’m fighting myself not to say it again... Best....Comic..), this issue just proves why I think that way. It’s not a dull lifeless cast here. The character building is so strong, and the story outside of that is full of questions I want answered. This book is all that and the bag of chips. Just read it, there is no way in hell it can let you down. Oh, Terry... I am ready for a Lizzie Borden comic strip book any day now.
Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

Strangled With a Halo #1 (C.A.W. Comics)
What a great dark and grippy tale of horror and suspense that was! The artwork fits this story so perfectly. The writing is fantastic, as you follow Onas on his free fall from life. What’s a dream and what isn’t? A perfect introduction to Jake Young and Mazzart for me. Here is hoping the #2 gets here soon, cause I’m already craving more!
Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Tommy and the Tapeworm #1 (Star Cross)
Now how much fun can a boy and his tapeworm have? Tons, the answers is tons of fun! This book has a simple & fun approach that not only kept me laughing, but left me wanting more. I will say this though, the ending did seem to just come out of nowhere. I think this might be better off as an OGN, but it’s still a solid read. Light on the horror, but heavy on the humor. Great looking characters too. I’ll be back for more!
Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Urban Legends #1 (Balke & Filbert)
Beware of the stories you hear, because you never know of they are true. Urban Legends takes those tales you hear at sleepovers or around the campfire and puts them on the comic page. The first issue contains a great tale of what happens when you don’t pay close attention to what is around you. Sadly the issue is over way too fast, but it is inviting enough to make me want to come back for more. I like the concept and look forward to what is next.
Dying Breath 3.5 out of 5.0