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Where's My Money Going - June 2014

If I were rich, I would probably buy every single comic in print, too bad I’m not. Because of that, when I sit down each month with the new Previews Catalog I have to watch my budget. I put a lot of thought into what I pre-order, so here is where my money is going this month.

Black Metal: Omnibvs (Oni Press)
Why I am spending my money on it: Let’s see... Metal and a comic? Hmmmmm yeah I think that warrants my money right there. Now I will admit, I have not read this before, so the fact that I can get it all in one shot, and for such a low price. It’s a no brainer. I am really, really looking forward to this.

Caliban #5 (Avatar Press)
Why I am spending my money on it: This series is on FIRE! I knew it would be, but man, I just can not get enough of it. Issue #3 left me craving more, and that’s a damn good thing. The story alone is enough for my money, but add in that artwork and I just start to scream with joy. DO NOT MISS THIS SERIES!

Extinction Parade War #2 (Avatar Press)
Why I am spending my money on it: What I LOVE about this title is how unexpected it is. Now I don’t mean that the story is unexpected, I just mean the presentation of the book. This is one of those comics that when I read it, I feel like I am reading a novel with some GORE-Geous artwork. It sure was a surprise to me how much I like this one, but now I can’t get enough of it.

Futurama #72 (Bongo)
Why I am spending my money on it: If you know me, then you know I am a Futurama junkie. I have to have all things Planet Express, and this comic is something I would be buying even if I stopped buying comics. This book carries the soul of the show straight to the comic book page, and that is all I ask for.

God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha & Omega (Avatar Press)
Why I am spending my money on it: Sadly I am behind on my God is Dead issues, but that don’t mean I am giving up. I loved what this book brought to the table, and now I have two issues that are stand alone anthologies. With writers like Alan Moore, Simon Spurrier, Mike Costa, Kieron Gillen and Justin Jordan, how can I NOT buy these.

Haunted Horror #12 (IDW)
Why I am spending my money on it: Did you know that when you get an issue of Haunted Horror you are basically stealing from the comic industry? Seriously, go out and try to find a readable issue of where these stories came from. Now tell me how much that cost you. Exactly, you only have to pay pennies for this issue, and it’s all cleaned up and pretty. The Yoe & IDW team deliver the goods in a form that you can afford. So just go thank them already, they are doing you and your wallet a favor.

Necromantical #2 (Ardden Ent.)
Why I am spending my money on it: Stefano Cardoselli, that’s why. No, no, no... that’s too vague, but I mean come on, you have seen his artwork before right? Sadly I am still waiting on my #1 to come in, but I know that this is going to be a great comic to read. I like the concept  of a Sci-Fi half man, half robot going after organ trafficers. Plus I think that story plays into Cardoselli’s wheel house. So for now, I can only say that the art is why I am getting these, but once that #1 gets in my hands I’ll have more reasons as to why I’m buying this one.

Rachel Rising #28 (Abstract Studios)
Why I am spending my money on it: I think I’ve said it for two years now, but this is the BEST COMIC IN PRINT TODAY. Terry Moore is a genius... blah blah blah. Look just buy this, or buy the first trade, or go back and buy #25 when the new arc began, I don’t care, but do the world a favor and read Rachel Rising, because after you do, you will be saying the same thing. . . BEST COMIC IN PRINT TODAY!

Southern Dog #1 (Danger Zone)
Why I am spending my money on it: A werewolf book huh? Do you want my money now or . . . now? I remember a book called Thirteen Steps that came out a few years ago, it was about coping with being a lycanthrope, etc. Well I loved that book, and this one seems to be on that same level. Dealing with puberty and lycanthropy at the same time has to be a mess! I am really looking forward to this issue, it should be a fun take on the genre.

The Strain: Night Eternal #1 (Dark Horse)
Why I am spending my money on it: I don’t like to buy vampire comics. When I was in my teens I was big into vampire movies, and I wore myself out on them fast. So flash forward to comics, and vampires are a big horror category, well I’m kinda on the ledge again. So what keeps me from jumping out again? The Strain. I love this title. I love the angle it takes on vampires, and how it comes out on the page. The best thing about this comic is that it got me interested in checking out the actual novels. Add to that m favorite network for TV shows (FX) is bringing it to the small screen, and well... yeah, I have to own these.

Tales of Mr. Rhee Karmageddon #1 (Devils Due Ent.)
Why I am spending my money on it: Easy answer is because Dirk Manning is my BOY! HE’S MY BOY! But that reason is not good enough for me to try and get YOU to spend money on this book too. What I love about Dirk’s style is that he has the ability to write a long or short horror tale. He proved that with Nightmare World and previous Tales of Mr. Rhee. So there is no doubt in my mind that this book will be solid. I also really like the art stylings of Seth Damoose (who needs to be doing like 10 books a month). So for me it’s a winner right out of the gate, but for you... you will just have to buy this issue to see what I mean.

Uber #16 (Avatar Press)
Why I am spending my money on it: When this book came out it only took 2 issues to plant itself at the top of my MUST READ list. This is the kind of story that makes me want to just shout how good it is from the rooftops. There has not been a single issue yet that has let me down. Instead each issue pulls me in closer and closer. I just wish it came out weekly. This book is nipping a the heels of Rachel Rising to take over as the BEST COMIC IN PRINT. . . but for now it has to settle for the BEST WAR COMIC IN PRINT.

Wayward #1 (Image Comics)
Why I am spending my money on it: There. . . there is something. . . ARGH. . . there is something about this cover that is calling to me. It’s saying “Decap, you need to read me! You need me in your collection! You have to have me!” What drags me in the most is the creative team. Jim Zub writing is a money maker for sure, but the art and colors. . . ugh I need this now. They did almost lose me with the Buffy suggestion in the solicit, but I went right past that. This one looks and sounds great, so I’m in. Are you?