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Decap is on Vacation!

Well things are getting busy behind the scenes these days boils and ghouls. So for now I am going to put some things on the back burner.

In the month of August I only found myself having the time to read 4 comics. Can you believe that? ONLY 4 COMICS!!! Life gets busy and time just is not there to be able to cover things. Plus with some cool side projects in the works, I want to be able to devote some more time to that.

So in the coming weeks and months here is what you can expect to find here on the site:

• Tales from the Water Cooler and Monsters & Metal will still go up on their regular schedule. The podcasts will not be taking a hit. So no need to worry, your ears will still get their fill of all the good things.

• An interview may pop up from time to time.

• The Avatar new releases will continue to show up.

• Reviews will be put on hold. I will not be taking any in, nor posting any, until I can fully say time can be devoted to it.

• The Ghastly Awards trump all other reading, so this again plays into the reviews.

So for the time being I am sorry my frightful fans, but I do need to take a step back and recoup for a bit. Just remember to check in every once and a while to check out the podcasts and see what all is going on.

Stay GORE-Geous you beautiful monsters!