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Tread Tracks: Shake Well Before & Gormathon

Every week I jump on the treadmill and throw on a new album or 2 to listen to,
so I figured why not share my thoughts on it!
*Please note, I am not a music reviewer, just a Metal Lover sharing his opinion on these albums. 

Shake Well Before
Label: Redfield Digital
Release Date: Oct. 2014

Once again I have fallen in love with a European band, that just comes straight out of the gate to destroy my ears. Shake Well Before describes themselves as Metalcore/Hardcore, and I can pick that up pretty easily, but I would tend to lean more towards Metalcore. Again I am no music expert, so just my opinion. The first track, "The Game of Death", is the perfect introduction to the album. The song is brutal, intense and sets up the rest of the record perfectly. I actually enjoyed every single song here. I was highly engaged, and since I was on the treadmill, pumped up as fuck while running. I may be new to this band, but I won't be for long. This album is phenomenal from start to finish, a MUST listen to.

Top 3 Tracks: "The Game of Death", "Totem", "Lethargy"
Dying Breath: 9/10

Following the Beast
Label: Naplam Records
Release Date: Sep. 2014

Sweden, the land of such amazing groups like Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Meshuggah, At the Gates... and now Gormathon. Now I said Soilwork and Scar Symmetry first because I love those bands, and I think that Gormathon fits right in there with them. Nice heavy tracks, deep demanding vocals mixed with fantastic melodic parts and songs that you will remember, and HAVE to come back to again and again. So I hop on the treadmill, and "Remedy" comes on... I am hooked, and ready to sing along by the time I hit that last chorus. However... they did lose me a little with "Land of the Lost", as it was my least favorite track here. The rest of the album followed suit with "Remedy", and sunk itself deep within my brain. It's really catchy music, and honestly, it makes me want to pick up a sword and go kill some dragons. If these guys come to the Chicago area you better believe I will be front and center breaking my neck. This album was all I could want and more. Speaking of more... MORE PLEASE!

Top 3 Tracks: "Remedy", "Hellbender", "Remember"
Dying Breath: 9/10