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Creepy Critique: Norman Vol. 1

Norman Vol. 1 (Titan Comics)

WRITER: Stan Silas
ARTIST: Stan Silas  
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

If someone asks me what kind of comics I read I say in order, Horror, Comedy and War. That's it, so if you a comic that falls into those categories you got my interest. Norman, being the lucky book that it is, falls into 2 of those categories, that when mixed create... Dark Comedy (or what I like to call Hor-Medy when it is more Horror based). So just going into this book, I have 2 checks in the Pro column, and I haven't even read a page yet! 

Ok, so I open up the book, read the first three pages. I've already laughed probably 5 times, and now the Horror tension is building. By page five, the opening scene is over, I'm dying from laughter and I'm officially 100% hooked on this book! The next 60 pages just develop into a phenomenal tale, that left me so entertained I had to write all this down ASAP!

Stan Silas did a fantastic job on this story. It played on certain famous Horror elements which everyone should be able to pick up on (Jason, Scream, Re-Animator, etc.). What I loved about the writing was the subtle comedy hidden in it. Now of course you have your out right jokes, and they are fantastic, but it's the subtle ones that make you think, and really appreciate the writing more. 

The artwork by Stan Silas is GORE-Geous! It does have a comic strip like feel to it, but that adds to over telling of the story. When one character dies in the book, I just lost it, because the visuals were so damn good at enhancing the joke. Facial expressions and body language on this cast, add sooooooo much to telling the tale, that they needed to be perfect, and they were. 

Look, in the end I can gush and gush about how much I loved this book. It's complete, but at the same time left open enough, that there better be more coming. Notice I didn't say I hope there is more coming Mr. Silas, THERE BETTER BE MORE COMING!!! The only thing that could make me not enjoy this book more, would be you not reading it. Norman is the perfect definition of what Hor-Medy (yeah it's a word now, accept it) should be.

Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0