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Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Brian Pulido

I recently had a chance to talk to Brian Pulido about his upcoming book Lady Death: Chaos! Rules #1. Check it out:

Decapitated Dan: Hey Brian thanks for taking time to talk with me about the Lady Death: Chaos!
Rules #1. First of all lets talk about you. Who are you and what do you do?

Brian Pulido: I’m Brian Pulido, a comic book creator for over twenty years. I’m most known for creating of the entire Chaos! Comics universe: Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity, and most famously, Lady Death.

I’ve also written comics for your favorite horror franchises: A Nightmare on Elm St., Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Chucky.

DD: How did you find yourself getting into making comics?

BP: I’ve been reading and collecting comics since I was eight. In my twenties I was working as an assistant director on commercials and music videos and needed a creative outlet. My soul was shriveling up from all the managerial stuff I was doing. So at night, I moonlighted writing comic book scripts. My first one, Evil Ernie, took off and now here we are twenty four years later.

DD: So what can you tell me about Lady Death: Chaos! Rules #1. What’s it all about?

BP: In Chaos! Rules #1 , Lady Death is awakened from a 20-year, spell-induced slumber, Lady Death finds herself in the fiery pits of Hell. Two decades of her life, gone. Who among her depraved enemies is responsible? How long until she exacts bloody vengeance? Hint: Not long. Let the hunt begin!

This is the first Lady Death comic I’ve personally published in 12 years. This story –– chock full of sex, violence, and very bad behavior –– is Lady Death, fully-realized.

Helping me bring the undead diva back to life is my hand-selected team of: co-writer Brian Augustyn, illustrator Dheeraj Verma, colorist Sabine Rich, and veteran letterer Marshall Dillon.

DD: Where can we find the book to help back it on Kickstarter?

BP: The Kickstarter goes live on February 4th. In the meantime, we are posting updates on

DD: Who are the main characters?

BP: In this story, it is Wulf. In Wulf’s own words: “It was December 6th, ‘69, I was at The Stones show at Altamont with my crew. We were dealing dope. Heroin. We wound up banging heads with another gang, but we were outgunned. I killed the creeps who were beating my old lady, then I took four to the chest. Ended up here.”

Wulf has roamed Hell for forty-Five years before he encounters the legendary Lady Death, who was thought to be dead. How will Wulf affect Lady Death? HINT: Wulf will play a major part in Lady Death’s future. Stay tuned.

We also have Baphomet. In Baphomet’s own words: “Hell was never meant to serve as a prison for this lower filth. Our lands should not be fouled with their unsightly presence. In the beginning, there was Hell -- for our kind only. For the Hellbourne! Then came The Pact, and Satanus surrendered to an edict from above. Now look at what we’ve become: we harbor those so lowly and fools like Golgoth service Heaven’s demand. I say we take back Hell! I say we RID our lands of the Earthbourne and the Free Men!” Baphomet is a rebel upstart.

Finally we have GOLGOTH. Loyal to Satanus, Golgoth is a “prison warden” who houses the Earthborne and the Damned, carrying out The Edict struck between Satanus and Heaven.

Golgoth is the company man, beholden to Satanus.

DD: Lady Death has been around for such a long time, what is it that makes you keep coming back to her?

BP: Lady Death is an anti-hero. It is easy to exercise my frustrations of the day through her. She kicks ass and doesn’t bother taking names.

DD: What can readers expect in terms of Horror?

BP: In no particular order: suspense, terror, violence, gore, torture, reprehensible behavior.

DD: If you were to give this book a movie style rating (G, PG, PG-13, R,  X) what would it get, and why would you say that?

BP: R for reasons answered in the  last question. Oh, and we have a sex scene too.

DD: What are you hoping readers can take away from this story?

BP: I want readers to be exhilarated.

DD: Were you into any horror titles growing up that lead you to want to create a book like this?

BP: I was into all Marvel horror. From Where Monsters Dwell to Ghost Rider. I have a bad ass collection of Marvel monster comics.

DD: In regards to the Kickstarter, what can backers expect in terms of rewards?

BP: We’ve lined up lots of cool rewards, many exclusive to Kickstarter.  Many of them very limited. All of them are Authentically Rare. A few examples:
- THE ACTUAL GRAPHIC NOVEL! An all-new, 48-page square bound original graphic novel-


- This edition features an ACTUAL METAL COVER (!) by Jamie Tyndall & Ula Mos. LIMITED ON THIS TIER TO ONLY 66 serially numbered copies.

- THE EXTREMELY LIMITED “KILLED BY DEATH” EDITION! Cover illustrated by Dheeraj Verma & colored by Sabine Rich. Get beheaded by Lady Death! LIMITED ON THIS TIER TO ONLY Six copies! Six lucky (6) Lady Death fans who pledge will have their likenesses drawn into Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 page 8 and be beheaded by the diva of death! You will also receive --  a limited edition variant cover limited to six (6) serially numbered copies featuring the “Killed By Death” image! Comes signed by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido with a custom METAL Certificate of Authenticity!

- LADY DEATH #1: DIAMOND EDITION LIMITED TO ONE COPY! Cover illustrated by Steven Hughes & colored by Sabine Rich. Celebrate Lady Death #1’s 21st anniversary in style! The cover is made of metal and features an actual one (1) carat diamond embedded into the hilt of Lady Death’s sword! Limited to one (1) serially numbered copy. Featuring the classic story by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes that started it all! This is the rarest Lady Death comic book ever produced! Comes with the Jeweler’s appraisal documents (supplied by Scottsdale Fine Jewelers) and a METAL Custom Certificate of Authenticity.

DD: Can we expect more from you horror comic wise in the future?

BP: Yes. Coming up this summer / fall is ZACK, THE ZOMBIE EXTERMINATOR. Zack is a redneck, metal head with a talent for zombie-splatting who showcase every second of gory mayhem on YouTube. With fame comes a fall from grace. In the end, Zack has one chance to make things right. All he has to do is kill a horde of flesh hungry zombies and a stop the god of Death from destroying the world. He’s humanity’s only hope. We’re screwed.

From the twisted minds of Brian Pulido (Evil Ernie, Lady Death) and Mike MacLean (Sharktopus) comes the rise, fall, and redemption of an American original, Zack the Zombie Exterminator        .

For more info:

DD: So where can readers find out more about this book?

BP: Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 info can be found at:

DD: So in summary give me a quick recap on Lady Death: Chaos! Rules #1 and why fans should give it a try.

BP: Simply stated: Lady Death: Chaos Rules is an over-the-top, blood-soaked love letter to Lady Death fans new and old, and I need fans help to make this happen.

I’m Kickstarting this project because it’s an incredible opportunity to connect with the fans. They get it. They share my passion! There is no middle-man, there’s no one telling me what to do, so we can go effin crazy and create a LD story for the ages!

And best of all – the project is done! All we gotta do is print. We’re gonna ship the rewards within six weeks of closing the Kickstarter. But we do need reader’s support. Of that there is no doubt.



Pulido created the Chaos! Comics universe including Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity & dozens of other characters. He has published / written Lady Death, Evil Ernie, A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many more. He is on The Hero Initiative’s fundraising board and has received the CBLDF Defender of Liberty Award. He wrote / directed The Graves starring Tony Todd.

Pulido’s latest projects include the upcoming: Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 – an original graphic novel from Coffin Comics, La Muerta & Zack, The Zombie Exterminator.

Lady Death #1 celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2015!

For more info, visit: