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Detroit Fanfare - Recap


I have to admit I have been really excited about Detroit Fanfare for a while now. A chance to get out of Chicago and head to another large city, was kinda exciting for me. Also I would have a chance to meet two Deadworld Artists (Vince Locke and Mark Bloodworth) plays into it just a little bit as well. 

So Amy and I took off on Friday, Sept. 23, to head up to Detroit, we actually had to get there early to setup for this show. This was my first time doing a show as a vendor with the Dark Delights setup (for more info check out the link.) We arrived at Cobo Hall in time to have 2 hours to get everything over to the table and practically ready to go for the next day when the show opened. I kinda hectic to make your small little space look good. 

After getting unloaded we headed down the street to the Renaissance Center which is where we were staying. I will side track for a quick second here, downtown Detroit was really cool, and right across the river was Canada, so we got a huge kick out of that. That night we went out to eat with our friends Dan and Meg Dougherty. Then we called it a night. 

I was up early the next morning wit high anticipation to head over and get the show on the road. We took the People Mover over to the hall and got in about 20 minutes before the show started. I got everything laid out and then the doors were open to the masses.

Now I won't beat around the bush here, I was expecting a lot of people to come pouring in, but it was not the case. There was a steady stream of people there throughout the show, but not what I had hoped for. However when I look back at it now, it was what it was and I have to take away the good points. 

Since the show was slower I was able to get a chance to head on over to the other side of the hall and get Gary Reed, Mark Bloodworth and Vince Locke to sign my Deadworld Classics Vol. 2, which I wrote the forward in. Getting finally meet these guys was certainly a highlight of my show. I was also able to go and hang out with other friends that I don't get a chance to see at all the Chicago show like Eric Adams, Dustin and Brian Carson, Bob Hickey, Richard Katterjohn and Dirk Manning. At the end of the day Saturday I had only sold 4 books which did suck, but at least 4 people now have the opportunity to see what I am always standing behind and promoting. 

So the show was over on Saturday and we headed back to the hotel. Dan, Meg and Raf Nieves were all headed to the Shel Dorf awards so Amy and I headed out to dinner with our friends Mike Beazley and Aaron Shapps.  After a good meal and a few drinks it was time to party! The show party was a great way to get a chance to hang out with all our friends and well... get drunk and dance. I left the dancing for Amy to do, while I chatted everyone up. 

Waking up on Sunday we had plenty of time to get ready before heading back over to the show, since it started at noon. As funny as it is when I say plenty of time we were still late getting to the show when it opened, women pff! Sunday played out much like Saturday, with the crowd being less than expected. Again it was a day to really get to hang out with some friends and chat about life and comics. By the end of the show I had sold 9 books and one tee shirt. It was time to pack up, say our goodbyes and head back home. 

While the crowd at Fanfare was not what I expected, I get to take a lot away from the show. I got to meet some people I always wanted to, I got to hang out with some great friends and I got to get away for a weekend and go somewhere I had never been. I think a little shimmying and shaking and next year's Fanfare will be better. You have to climb down before you can head back up and this is one show with the potential to get back on top of that mountain. I big thanks to Dennis, Tony and Gary for all they did in putting it on, and as most Lions fan's in Detroit say "We will get them next year!" (Unless we are talking about this years Lions because they look scary good)