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Horror Comic Roundup - 10/15/13

Horror Comic Roundup Image drawn by Travis Wayne Pursell, colors by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan,  Billy Dunleavy, Denise Dutton and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!

Abe Sapien #6 (Dark Horse)
Billy Dunleavy: After a brief hiatus, Abe is back, and he’s in the desert of Arizona looking for some answers to why he feels connected to this outbreak. Is he really or is he being manipulated? Both good questions that we’ll find out in the near future hopefully. He ends up hanging out with a group of Latinos that have been either driven from their homes, or ended up in the desert for one reason or another. They tell him about ancient gods and demons that plagued their people eons ago, and it seems as if that may tie in to the current situation. Good issue overall even though it was a bit slow moving.  Rating 4/5

Afterlife with Archie #1 (Archie Comics)
Decapitated Dan: I’ve never read an Archie comic before, but like the rest of the world, I do know who the main cast is. So picking this issue up, I had some mixed thoughts. I figured either it was going to be really good, or really cheesy and bad. I was actually thinking it would be like a Happy Days Halloween special. Thank god I was wrong thinking that. This issue was able to capture the horror/zombie element perfectly. I liked that Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, was involved in this. It was what was needed to add in why the things that happen, happen. The story moves at a great pace, and thanks to the GORE-Geous artwork this book delivers the perfect horror tone. I really did come into this book just thinking it would be this cheesy read, and that I wouldn’t need to come back and read issues past #1, but I was wrong. If this can keep up, you better believe I will be on board with this title. Fantastic start! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Coffin Hill #1 (Vertigo)
Billy Dunleavy: Upon first glance, this book seems very awesome. Maybe it needs a second read though, because half-way through it, there’s definitely a movie vibe to it (The Craft), and that made it feel weird. Still, a good story about a girl who belongs to a cursed family, full of witchcraft and all that. She’s now grown up and become a police officer, but after stopping a serial killer, she’s quitting the force and going back home. OK, there was definitely something here to build on and move forward. The art was fantastic, and really helped the story move along nicely. Not quite sure how twenty-five pages is “extra-sized”, though.  Rating 4/5

Decapitated Dan: Are witches the new horror thing? It sure seems to be that way when you look at new shows on TV and a few of the newer horror comic titles out there. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing at all, especially when you consider how good this first issue was. The artwork by Miranda is amazing page after page. I loved his facial expressions in this issue, especially for the main horror scene that took place. Story wise, I really enjoyed this book, but to be honest, this really did feel like a #0 because of all the history and build that took place. Now don’t get me wrong, all of that is needed, but there was really only one scene that grabbed me, and of course it was the one horror scene. Overall it was a great start, and I can not wait to read more. - Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

Curse of the Mummy’s Stone #1 (Hard Coal Studios)
Decapitated Dan: Now this is how you bring a classic horror movie (30’s and 40’s) to the comic page. Not that many people are attempting it of course, but Murray and Benkin deliver here. What I love about the way this is presented, is that it almost perfectly mimics what I would expect going to the theater back then would be like. There is a great teaser before the Feature starts, and then it’s just tons of mummy fun. I think that they knew I was a mummy guy at heart, so of course a little bias plays into this one. The story is done very nicely, and captures that feeling and dialogue of this time period. Hell I would have thought that this was an adaptation of a movie that came out back then. This team brought a comic to life that was just a treat to read. It’s not everyday you get a mummy comic, or even see one done so well. I was wrapped up in how good this one was from start to finish! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Ghosted #4 (Image)
Billy Dunleavy: Jackson and his ghost hunting crew are getting antsy. They’ve not seen anything to lead them to believe that ghosts even exist. Well, at the end of last issue, Jackson met one, and we see what transpired between them. The team has made the decision to let one of them be possessed, and then take that person to Markus’s house, and exorcise the spirit. Of course, Trick is the only one that knows how to perform an exorcism, and guess who gets possessed? This series has been really cool, and the action is there again to compliment the dialogue. Artistically, the panels are great, whether its conversation or action, characters or backgrounds, Goran Sudzuka and Miroslav Mrva get it done! Rating 5/5

Decapitated Dan: When issue #1 came out, I was really thinking that other then the obvious Oceans 11 vibe, this book was like 13 Ghosts. After reading this issue, I am now going to say 13 Ghosts and The House on Haunted Hill. I LOVE what Williamson is doing with this story too. I like all of the twists that keep happening, and it really makes this one a nail biter. You never know what will happen next to this cast, because of the size of the house and how much has happened there. The artwork is solid page after page. I think that Sudzuka was able to nail a great scare panel in this issue, and that is not easy to do in comics. Overall this is solid horror read, and it’s only just getting started. - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

Rachel Rising #20 (Abstract Studios)
Decapitated Dan: This the best comic in print. There is no second guessing, it’s just a known fact at this point and if you are not reading it, I feel bad for what you are missing. This issue tackled the two main story lines that are taking place and it did it so beautifully. I am just so interested in what is happening in Manson, that I never want to leave. With the jaw dropping revelation that came in issue #19, I did figure that this would be a slower issue, you know, a way to take in what happened before moving on, but no. Zoe and Malus are so interesting and then what happens between them... UGH I NEED MORE! Then I turn the page and now we got this FREAKING AWESOME Aunt Johnny thing... UGH I NEED MORE! Surprisingly my favorite thing in this issue though was the poem to start it all off. Oh and did I mention that Moore’s artwork is GORE-Geous! This is so good, so damn good. - Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0