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Beware... 5 Comics to be on the lookout for in April 2014!

Every month close to over 500 new Comic Books come ou! That's a ton of new stuff for you to spend your money on, and lets face it, we're not all rich. So I've decided to make it a little easier on you and suggest 5 comics that you should spend your money on this month, as they all get the Decapitated Dan Rotting Thumbs Up. Let's take a look.

‘68: Rule of War #1 (Image Comics)
Why you should look out for it: ‘68 is a comic that always does 2 things that make me want to read it. First they mix two of my favorite genre’s, Horror and War, and second I know I can’t be let down. The entire ‘68 creative team knows what it takes to make a Horror Comic great, so you already have that going for it. What pushes it to that next level though, if the attention to detail on the War side of things. If you ever wondered what would happen if Platoon met Night of the Living Dead, then look no further. This is the PUREST ZOMBIE COMIC on the stands, and for all those reasons, you should be on the look out for this next chapter.

Caliban #1 (Avatar Press)
Why you should look out for it: For my money, Garth Ennis knows how to write a comic I want to read. Whether it’s Crossed, Preacher, Rover Red Charlie, etc. if it says Ennis, I will take a look. Caliban is his newest title from Avatar and I am already sold on it just from the #1 Terror Cover. Look space creeps me out, so if you can make it look bleak and scary... I’m sold. I can not wait to get this into my hands, and for those reasons, you should be on the look out for this comic.

Deadworld: Restoration #5 (IDW)
Why you should look out for it: The world of Deadworld is very, very rich and full of TONS of great characters. As a matter of fact, I might have to say that if you are new to the book, it might have to many characters. With a history that is only 28 years old, it’s easy to understand that you might need to go back and get the Omnibus before jumping into something new. This particular mini-series though shows why this book is still the greatest comic ever. We not only had the return of Joey, but we also got reintroduced to the Graken, who happen to be some of my favorite monsters of all time. It’s sad to think that this mini is about to end, but it can only mean good things are coming in the future and this series is not slowing down if I have any say in it. For those reasons, you should be on the look out for this comic.

Rachel Rising #25 (Abstract Studios)
Why you should look out for it: The first storyline is now over... and that makes me a sad head, but at least the book is not done! I was terrified that Rachel Rising would suffer from the Decapitated Dan Best Ongoing Curse and end (previous winners 28 Days Later and Hellblazer), but it’s not and for that I am forever grateful. Terry Moore crafted on of the Best Comics you will ever read with the first 24 issues, and now it’s time to star the next story. I’m not sure what is going to happen, only that one of the greatest storytellers in comics, both through words and art, is going to deliver it. Get caught up on the trades, but make sure you do not miss out on what happens next. For those reasons, you should be on the look out for this comic.

Uber #12 (Avatar Press)
Why you should look out for it: You want to talk about came out of nowhere and just blew me away, then look no further then Uber. World War II comics are some of my favorites, mostly because of books like Charley’s War, so when this came out I was very interested. Not only did “Season 1” deliver on every single level, it went and added 5 more to the mix. Every single issue so far has been jaw dropping when it comes to both story and art, and it’s only gotten better each month. The bar is set very high for Uber in it’s Sophomore year, but trust me when I say this, IT WILL DELIVER time and time again. This book is hands down a MUST READ. For those reasons, you should be on the look out for this comic.